Another innovative senior living service from Life Enriching Communities


Confident Living is a Life Enriching Communities program. With 115 years of experience in senior services and best known for the Twin Towers and Twin Lakes senior living communities, we deliver exceptional everyday experiences to everyone we serve.

With a focus on quality living options, supportive healthcare services and whole-person wellness, Life Enriching Communities is one of the leading senior living providers in Cincinnati.

In-home care through Confident Living is a natural extension of the Life Enriching Communities mission and vision. Confident Living helps people remain in the home they love, save for future home care, and provides access to care coordination and lifestyle and wellness programs that they can enjoy today.

You can feel confident in choosing Confident Living because it is a service of Life Enriching Communities, one of Cincinnati’s leading senior living and service providers.

For a personal consultation, please call 513-719-3522.