Financial confidence is key


You have worked hard to save money and build a legacy that you can enjoy in your retirement and leave to your family. Even with the most-sound financial plan, there is always one variable that you can’t predict – your health. Studies have shown that 70% of adults will need some form of long-term care as they age.

Long-term care remains a very high-ticket item and even with the best planning and preventative measures, you just never know how much care you’ll need and for how long – and that can drain your assets faster than you think.

Confident Living is the solution!

With Confident Living you’re assuring a financial plan, on your terms and within your budget, providing great protection for your savings.

Why it makes financial sense

Confident Living delivers an affordable alternative to the three most popular senior care options:

  1. A continuing care retirement community
  2. Long-term care insurance, or
  3. Relying on family as you age 

With customizable membership plans, you pay an annual fee based on the care and service options you want to receive at home.

You can also select coverage for assisted living or nursing home care at the Twin Lakes or Twin Towers senior living communities, if that option best meets your needs.

This pool of money you’re putting aside for future care means you don’t have to spend all of your savings and assets to pay for care and you can continue living in the home you love. As a Confident Living member, you’re saving more than you would if you deposited the same annual amount in a standard savings account.

The value of membership

For everything you receive -- security for future long-term care, asset preservation, care coordination, active lifestyle and wellness programs, peace of mind for you and your family -- the average membership is $1,600 a year. Memberships range from $500 to $8,000 a year or more depending on the plan you choose, your age, your health and other factors. It's truly customizable to your lifestyle and needs.

Confident Living also offers discounts for household memberships and membership means no claims to file and no waiting for reimbursements. We take care of it all for you. Discover the financial benefit and membership plan that best fits your goals with the Confident Living Benefits Calculator* below.

*Based on an adult ages 50-80.