When it comes to planning your future, you have questions.


Who will take care of me? How will I pay for it?

How can I stay in my own home, happy, healthy and continuing to thrive as long as possible?

Confident Living is the answer to all of your questions about planning for your future in-home care and continuing to enjoy your independence. It’s a program unlike anything else for seniors in the Cincinnati area, so you may still have a few questions.

Please review the FAQs below for answers or call
513-719-3522 for a free phone consultation.

Q: What happens if I need care while I am traveling or decide to move out of Ohio?

A: Your Confident Living membership will travel with you!
You must be a resident of Ohio to become a member of Confident Living. However, if you move out of state or are traveling, your care coordinator is available to assist you in securing the necessary services. This holds true even when members who need care in an assisted living facility or a nursing home select a facility close to family members who may reside outside the Confident Living core coverage area. In this circumstance, the family typically takes responsibility for making the facility selection; however, the care coordinator is still available to help.

If you relocate anywhere in the United States after you been a member for one year, you carry your Confident Living plan with you. After your relocation, your Care Coordinator will keep in touch based on a schedule that the two of you agree upon.

Q: Who is eligible to apply for membership?

A: Application for Confident Living membership is open to individuals aged 50 to 80 years old in reasonably good health who are living independently. Each application is processed through underwriting in order to return a final decision regarding membership options.

Q: Can you explain the membership plan options?

A: Confident Living membership offers you the opportunity to customize a plan to fit your preference. You may choose a Home Care Services only plan or the Premier plan, which adds assisted living and nursing care as future care options. Plans will vary based on your age, health, the daily credit you select and the length of time you want to receive service.

Q: How is the decision made about home-care services that I may need during membership?

A: Your Care Coordinator will conduct a detailed functional assessment based on a discussion with you about your issues and needs. If you wish, you can select a family member or ask your power of attorney to participate. Based on your requirements for assistance with activities of daily living, the quantity, frequency, duration and kinds of services will be established during this discussion and recorded in your care plan. You sign the care plan and keep a copy.

Q: I understand Confident Living helps me age in my own home; but what if there comes a time when I require care in an assisted living facility or a nursing home?

A: Confident Living will recommend trusted assisted living facilities and nursing homes throughout the region. These facilities have undergone our strict Quality Credentialing process. Your Care Coordinator can arrange for you or your family member to visit these facilities to determine whether one is right for you. You must designate Twin Lakes or Twin Towers senior living communities for assisted living or nursing care when enrolling in the Premier plan.

Q: Is there a Care Coordinator designated just to me?

A: Yes. You have a designated, credentialed Care Coordinator. This individual is part of a larger, diversified wellness and care coordination team that can provide care across the full continuum of need. If you ever misplace their name, the person who answers the telephone at Confident Living keeps a list of all of our members matched to their Care Coordinators. Just ask them for the name of your Care Coordinator.

Q: What if I have an urgent need to reach my Care Coordinator?

A: For true emergencies, dial 911. If your call is urgent and you need attention from Confident Living, please know that any one of our Care Coordinators or the Director of Care Coordination can assist you. There are Care Coordinators assigned responsibility for handling urgent calls each day, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Q: Why aren't you able to provide prices for me on this website?

A: The Confident Living Plan isn’t sold off of a price list. It is a highly personalized plan with many options. In addition, variables such as your age at the time of purchase, the type of plan and level of daily future service credit you select, all enter into the calculation. Our Plan Counselor can help you carefully evaluate and select the options that are right for you and that fit within your budget.

Q: What happens if I do not like the Care Coordinator assigned to me?

A: The Confident Living Care Coordination Team is made up of licensed professionals with experience and training that allows them to work closely with our members to reach their goals for health and lifestyle. Our Care Coordinators are kept informed of members’ progress through regular meetings and communication. They build relationships to coach and guide members to reach their personal best and have a clear understanding of what each member wants in place for the future. We want Confident Living members to feel that their Care Coordinator is their trusted advisor. If a member’s relationship with their Care Coordinator is not positive, another member of the Care Coordination team may be available to support them with their goals and other health related needs should they arise. We want each member to know they have a Care Coordinator that has their best interest at heart and will truly support them in their home.

Q: I'm in good health. Why do I need to enroll in Confident Living now?

A: One of the qualifying factors for membership in the Confident Living program is a medical screening. Therefore, you have a much better chance of being enrolled in the program if you are in good health. Too often people wait until there is a crisis before a decision is made. This can affect your eligibility as well as impact the rates for your fees. Enrolling while you are healthy allows you to take full advantage of the tools and services we offer that promote resiliency and allow you to age well . It’s never too soon to make this decision but it can be too late!