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Residents Help Fulfill Mission, Expand Opportunities

The spirit of giving is alive and well at Life Enriching Communities, ensuring that current and future generations at Twin Lakes and Twin Towers experience life to the fullest.The two communities rely on various donations, such as bequests, one-time or multiple contributions and charitable gift annuities, to maintain and expand their campuses and provide services to their residents.

The Greater Cincinnati Planned Giving Council this year recognized Twin Lakes resident Don Neyer and Twin Towers residents Rev. Joe and Blanch Graham with its Voices of Giving Award. This annual award sponsored by the Greater Cincinnati Planned Giving Council recognize philanthropists who have made a bequest or other planned gift. It specifically celebrates the generous spirit of these philanthropic individuals whose gestures help to ensure the long-term welfare of the many local non profits which make our community so special.

The Rev. Dr. Joseph and Blanch Graham

Dr. Graham is a retired United Methodist Church minister who began visiting residents at Twin Towers as part of his ministry. Later, he was tapped to serve as the Administrator (1983-1996) to lead a renovation and expansion of Twin Towers that led to its success today. “As long as I was administrator here, I participated in helping to raise funds in all kinds of ways,” he says. “That was a big part of my responsibility.” He and his wife began giving financially to the Life Enriching Communities (LEC) Foundation during that time. After retiring, they lived in Fayetteville, Ohio, before returning in 2012 as resident members of Twin Towers, where they now volunteer and contribute in many ways. Dan McManus, Executive Director of the LEC Foundation, says of Graham: “He serves on committees and is very active, very influential. He’s a big proponent of charitable giving. He and his wife have been tremendous supporters.”

Donald L. Neyer

A former executive at his family’s multigenerational business, Al. Neyer Inc. Construction Services, Bill retired 22 years ago and began contributing to the LEC Foundation when he and his wife moved to Twin Lakes in 2012. He was instrumental in the completion of a mile-long asphalt walking path that connects the central and north campuses – providing both financial donations and his construction expertise. He’s now involved in the expansion project which includes new apartments and a community center at Twin Lakes. He has a deep belief in giving back to the community. “When I retired, I was on 15 non-profit boards and four legacyschool boards, so I’ve been doing it for many, many years,” Neyer says. “I just believe that if you have it, you have to share it, and I like to do it with local operations as much as I can.”

McManus says Neyer and the Grahams exemplify the importance of giving. The non-profit provides benevolent care, pastoral care, capital fundraising and underwriting of various programs for Life Enriching Communities residents.
Additionally, the LEC Foundation supports the Pastoral Care programs that “lead services, offer Bible studies and provide counseling to associates, residents, and their family members,” he says. Capital projects include the newly renovated chapel at Twin Towers and a planned $70 million expansion at Twin Lakes. All of that takes money, and many residents help kick off projects or fill in funding gaps. Funding for the proposed Twin Lakes Community Center started when a resident, Shirley Davies, provided a $572,000 gift through her will. “Those are the types of things that allow the foundation to do the great work that it does,” McManus says.

If you would you be interested in supporting a project or helping to provide benevolent care please contact Dan McManus, Executive Director of the Life Enriching Communities Foundation, at (513) 719-3540 or

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