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Residents Benefit From New Virtual Reality Program

Kimberly Stone-Littner, Events & Programs Specialist, shows a coworker the new VR program.

Residents Benefit From New Virtual Reality Program

Twin Towers is utilizing virtual reality (VR) to give residents new experiences and to enhance the quality of their lives. Residents can virtually complete their bucket list, visit new places or revisit favorite ones. It can also be used as a rehabilitation tool by encouraging the viewer to move along with specially selected programs.

Events & Programs Specialist Kimberly Stone-Littner says, "Residents who have participated in the program just love it! There are special VR programs that are useful for residents who have dementia, physical disabilities, or depression. There are also still photos for those who may have vertigo issues if the 3D effect bothers them. The VR experience gives residents something to look forward to and creates new memories to think about afterwards."

Ms. Stone-Littner has researched the best VR program suitable for Twin Towers residents with comfortable yet durable goggles made of a light weight, easy-to-clean, hygienic material. The programs are easy to use and reasonably priced with an infinite selection of apps programs - most are free - that can be controlled via an iPad or mobile phone. The VR program can also be customized for family activities; for example, a wedding video that grandparents may not be able to physically attend.

Success measures include participant involvement, reactions and abilities, and improved quality of life so they don’t feel frustrated by any physical limitations they may have. Each participant begins by completing a short questionnaire about past activities, what they would like to do (or do again) to help in selecting the right program for each person.

Denise Corrou, Twin Towers Director of Health Services, says, "We are excited to offer an innovative program that enhances our residents' experiences and encourages them to live life to the fullest."

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