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A rich tradition of generous giving and philanthropic support

Respect, Innovation, Spiritually, Excellence, Stewardship.
These are the values we hold dear.

The Life Enriching Communities Foundation promotes LEC’s impact of helping people live their best life possible in Christian community through engaging others to generate needed resources, including three major areas:

Benevolent Care Fund
The cornerstone of our ministry, which ensures residents of Twin Towers or Twin Lakes who have outlived their personal financial resources or experienced a catastrophic event continue to live in their home, receiving the highest quality care and service.

“The Benevolent Care Fund has blessed me in a way that I had not expected. There was a fellow resident who had lived here many years before I moved in. Every time I ran into him in the hall he managed to uplift my spirits with a cheery greeting, a caring ‘how are you doing?’ His happy attitude was contagious.

After his death, his daughter revealed to me that he was only able to live here until his death because of our Benevolent Care Fund. My life and many other resident’s lives would have been diminished if he had to move out due to a lack of funds. This is what happens to people who live at many other retirement communities. I’m so thankful that no one living here has to worry about being put out of their homes when the money is gone.”

~ Leigh Ismael, Twin Towers Resident

Pastoral Care Fund
The heart of our ministry, which preserves, protects and perpetuates our spiritual foundation by supporting services such as chaplaincy needs, life transition and grief counseling, and Bible study programs.

General Fund
Ensures our communities receive the highest quality of support and resources by funding greatest needs, such as supplement for unfunded Benevolent and Pastoral Care and unreimbursed Medicaid costs, and tuition reimbursement for our associates.

Across our organization, we are serving, improving and growing with intentional purpose. We are grateful for your support of this very meaningful work and are driven to do more. We believe life is better when it is lived with purpose.

Life Enriching Communities Foundation is classified as an organization exempt from Federal income tax under section 501(c)3 of the Code. Our Tax ID number is 06-1708088.


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