• 4 Simple Things You Should Know About Telomeres

    4 Simple Things You Should Know About Telomeres

So, you’ve already learned about telomeres in this article, now it’s time to learn the key things you should know about them. As you know, over time your telomeres get shorter, but did you know there are certain lifestyle factors that can affect your telomeres’ length as well?

But how do you ensure you’re keeping your telomeres as healthy and long as possible? Fear not. There are certain ways to take care of your telomeres by taking care of yourself.

What You Should Know About Telomeres

Some Foods Are Linked to Healthier Aging

As we have discussed here, what you eat is incredibly important to your overall health. Obviously, eating well can make you feel good. But it can also help your telomeres. According to one study, there is a link between your diet and the length of your telomeres. Diets that promoted healthier cell regeneration — like those found in diets heavy in fruits and vegetables — showed the strongest link to longer telomeres.

Stress, Smoking, and Sleep Deprivation Cause Major Problems

Your lifestyle is enormously important when it comes to the length of your telomeres. In one study, researchers discovered that everything from smoking cigarettes and lack of sleep can accelerate the shortening of your telomeres.

Exercise Can Keep Telomeres Healthy

Once again, we all know that exercise and staying fit is good for us. However, it also can affect the length of your telomeres. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a gym junkie to reap the benefits of exercising on telomeres. If you exercise an easy three times a week for up to 45 minutes, your telomeres are likely as long as those of a marathon runner.

Don’t Buy Telomere Boosting Supplements

Though there are many supplements out there that make the claim of lengthening your telomeres, scientists are skeptical. Many researchers believe these supplements can be risky or even bad for your health.

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