• 5 Amazing Benefits of Aquatic Cycling for Better Health

    5 Amazing Benefits of Aquatic Cycling for Better Health

By Monique Lamb, Wellness Specialist at Twin Lakes Senior Living Community

Join us at our Twin Lakes campus for your first aquatic cycling class!

Not everyone has a pool readily available to try new low impact exercises. However, if you have a fitness center near you that offers aquatic cycling, you may want to give it a spin.

Aquatic cycling is just what you would imagine, riding a stationary bike while submerged in water. This form of cycling provides all the cardio benefits of land-based cycling without the drawbacks of joint stress.  Aquatic bikes are designed like road bikes, with adjustable handlebars and seats so you can customize the fit for maximum comfort. You can also adjust the resistance on the bike to match your comfort. 

So, if you enjoy bike riding but have concerns because of pain or discomfort, consider the benefits of aquatic bike classes.

5 Benefits to Aquatic Cycling

1. Build Endurance

Cycling increases endurance in your lower body by strengthening glutes, quadriceps, calves, hamstrings. It also strengthens muscles around the hip, knees, and ankle.

In addition to muscular endurance, aquatic cycling builds cardiovascular endurance, which promotes healthier living. When cycling in the water you work at a higher intensity at a lower heart rate, which helps to reduce blood pressure over time for improved cardiovascular fitness.

2. Increase Core Strength

With proper posture and positioning, you can engage your abdominal muscles.  While cycling you should keep your back straight and abs tight to target your core muscle group. This simple adjustment contracts your abdominal muscles, which strengthens your core.

3. Improve Balance

Cycling strengthens the muscles around the hips, knees, and ankles. Additionally, it strengthens nearby ligaments, tendons, and bones. The combination contributes to improved balance and coordination.

4. Improve Flexibility

The water creates buoyancy. When submerged in water, you feel the effects of gravity less which allows your joints a wider range of motion than exercising on land. This improved mobility allows you to move joints more freely and improves flexibility. 

5.  Decrease the Potential for Joint Injury

In the water, there is no impact on the joints and muscles.  Less gravity combined with increased buoyancy causes no stress on the joints. This decreases the opportunity for injury.

If you are interested in taking advantage of the benefits of aquatic cycling, check with your local aquatic center to start improving your heart health and flexibility.

Wellness Specialists like Monique, are expertly trained to develop workout routines and exercises that are personalized to your goals.  The Twin Lakes fitness center, The Connection, offers a variety of classes and equipment specifically designed for those aged 50+. The Aquatic Center includes a 75-foot heated pool, aquatic bikes, and a whirlpool.

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