• Long Term Care Questions and Answers

    Long Term Care Questions and Answers

A move to a long term care community can come with a lot of questions. While the decision to move can be difficult, the most important thing to remember is the community you select is your home.

Because this new ‘home’ isn’t like their old one, we answer a lot of questions about it. Here are the questions we hear most often.

11 FAQ About Long Term Care Community Living

1. Who Does the Laundry?

Most communities provide laundry service although the operations of this service may vary among communities. Here are some options:

  • Washers and dryers are in the building so laundry’s done in-house.
  • Washers and dryers are in the building but only used for personal items. A professional service cleans the linens.
  • All wash is done by a professional service.

2. Can We Bring Furniture from Home?

Furniture is provided in most communities. First, it’s convenient for the family. Second, there are guidelines that require it. However, you can personalize your living space with your favorite items from home.

You’ll want to be sure to verify with the community what furniture can be brought in from home prior to bringing it. There may be some items that cannot be brought in for safety or space reasons.

3. What are the Visiting Hours?

For the most part there are no restricted hours…really! That’s because the community is considered home. Therefore, residents can have visitors as they please.

However, it may sometimes be necessary to restrict visiting hours based on health issues. Be sure to ask.

4. Can Mom Use Her Own Doctor?

Each community has one or more physicians who oversee patient care. However, some residents do use their own doctor.

If you want to use your own physician they must agree to follow regulatory guidelines for long term care. They also usually have to complete a process to validate their credentials. Ask your physician about this.

5. Is Alcohol Allowed?

Residents may drink alcohol if their physician approves it. That’s because people who require the level of care provided in long term care may have additional care needs. A physician may not approve alcohol consumption based on the resident’s health status.

6. Can I Take Dad Out for the Day?

You can take your family member out for day visits, or even overnight visits. Check with the physician caring for your loved one to ensure they are medically stable enough. The staff can provide the family with products or medicine needed for the day.

7. Are Pets Allowed?

Pets are typically not allowed in a long term care community. This is so the staff can focus their full attention on the residents. Some communities have a facility pet, and many bring in pet therapy animals to visit.

8. Dad Still Drives, Can He Go Out?

In general, people who require long term care services are not safe to drive. Therefore many communities don’t allow it.

9. What about Special Diets?

Long term care communities work with a registered dietitian who reviews each resident’s dietary needs. They create specific meals based on restrictions pertaining to health, religion and personal preference.

10. Can Couples Stay in the Same Room?

Yes, if both people require long term care services and space allows.

11. What is Included in Room and Board?

All meals and living expenses are included in the monthly rate. Special products or services will be billed separately. Incontinence products for example, may be purchased in bulk. Residents who use them receive a monthly bill.

Lastly, there are resident rights and protections under the law. These are outlined during the admission process and you will receive a copy.

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