• Moving to a Senior Community

    Moving to a Senior Community

When you’re moving to a senior community, you know you’ll need some transition time. From deciding where to put your furniture to navigating your new neighborhood, there are a lot of changes.

Most senior living communities have an orientation process to ease the move for their residents but there are things you can do too.

How to Transition to a Senior Living Community

  1. Ask about the orientation process. Many communities pair new residents with ambassadors who have lived there for a while. They will help show you around, dine with you, and get you comfortable in your new surroundings.
  2. Continue your interests and activities. A new address doesn’t mean you should stop doing everything you’ve ever done. Most residents continue their involvement in volunteering, clubs, activities, and churches just as they did at their last residence.
  3. Introduce yourself to the staff. You will see them regularly and many may become like family. Say hello, extend your hand, and begin making a connection.
  4. Dive into a new opportunity. Don’t wait to check out all the perks you gained from moving into a senior living community. Go for a swim, sign up for a class, and join a club. These are great ways to meet new people and keep you active starting on day one.
  5. Invite the family to see your new home. Show off your new home to friends and family. Invite them over and together begin experiencing what the community has to offer. Remember they will be curious about your new home.
  6. Ask for maps. Most communities have maps of the campus and neighborhoods which will help orient you to the community and encourage you to explore. Understanding where the dining venues, wellness center, gathering spaces, etc. are will help you become more connected.
  7. Give it time. If you look back at all the “firsts” in your life they all came with a transition period. It takes time to transition into new surroundings. Don’t rush it. Don’t be too hard on yourself, rather give yourself time to adapt. Before you know it, you’ll just be “at home.”

With all the senior living options today, researching each of them can be exhausting. To help, we have created your FREE Continuing Care Retirement Community Guide to get you started.

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