• 6 Things To Do While On A Senior Living Waiting List

    6 Things To Do While On A Senior Living Waiting List

If you’ve already toured and chosen a senior living community as a part of your retirement planning, you’re in great shape. But what if the community you’re interested in has a waiting list?

The fact that it’s in demand sounds promising.  A community with lots of appeal and the services that meet your needs should be at the top of your list. So if you can afford to wait, here are some things you can do. 

While You’re on a Waiting List

1. Begin Downsizing

The more you can do when the clock is not ticking, the better. If you’ve already decided the approximate size of your future home, you can use that as a baseline for slimming down your belongings.

2. Make A List

Begin a list of who you’ll need to notify of your change of address. Keep an eye on your mail as a reminder. Your list may include:

  • Banking institutions
  • Magazine subscriptions
  • Physicians
  • Service providers (cable, phone, and utilities)
  • Church

While you won’t know the timing quite yet, you can use this list as a reference when the time comes to keep track of all your communications.

3. On the Waiting List? You can still get involved!

Just because you’re not a resident doesn’t mean you can’t weave yourself into the fabric of the community. Ask about volunteer opportunities, clubs or classes you can join now, or day trips that may be open to you. Getting to know current residents and staff ahead of your move will make the transition much smoother.

4. Explore The Dining Options

If your future community offers dining options, ask about utilizing them now. While you may not have access to the same perks as current residents, you can get accustomed to the menus and reservation process now. This is also another great way to meet your future neighbors.

5. Study The Resident Handbook

Most communities have services and amenities to make life easier and provide you with more time to enjoy the things you love. Begin to familiarize yourself with the departments on campus, the processes involved in utilizing the services and amenities and any changes to your daily routine that may occur based on these.

If you have questions, ask them now! It will be much easier to adjust and remember these things before you are in the middle of unpacking.

6. Focus On Your Wellness

Does your future community have a wellness approach and provide fitness and wellness opportunities? If the answer is yes ask if you can take advantage of them early. From fitness rooms and classes to full aquatic centers, many communities offer future residents the opportunity to focus on a healthy lifestyle and connect with current residents.  

Talk to an associate about utilizing the facilities before you move in, there may even be a discounted rate offered to you as a future resident!

Bonus Tip

If you’ll be relocating, consider researching physicians in your new city now. This will make for a lot less stress in the height of packing and moving, and you can prepare to have your records transferred ahead of your move.

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