• Tips to Creating the Perfect Container Garden

    Tips to Creating the Perfect Container Garden

Nancy Hartman is a Marketing Specialist at Twin Lakes. She is an avid gardener who loves talking about plants and gardening with Twin Lakes residents.

The residents at Twin Lakes both love to dig in the dirt and plant their containers.  This spring you may want to get a fresh start on your spring plantings. Here are some ideas to kick start your project and create the perfect container garden:

  • Think about your overall vision. What do you want to change about your plantings and outdoor space this year? Make a list of what you need and what you would like to have- maybe a new pot for a blank corner.
  • If you are buying a new plant, make sure you read the label before you buy it. How big will it grow and what type of sun does it need? If you are in a nursery you can usually get advice from the staff.
  • If you enjoy using herbs in your cooking or would like herbs to give away to friends, you can either have containers devoted to herbs or tuck one into a flower planter. These can be used as a green accent note while cooking or added as a fun garnish on a plate.
  • It is important that your pots have drainage holes to promote good root development and prevent rotting.
  • When designing your space, it is important to have the right plants for the containers.  Are you planting in full sun, partial sun, or shade? 
  • Make sure the plants you pick are the right size for your containers. 
  • When you make your list of items needed for your gardening project, make sure you remember the fertilizer. One of the keys to successful container gardening is fertilizer. For the best results, add a granular continuous release plant food to the soil when you plant your containers. Then add water-soluble fertilizer to your watering apparatus once every other week.
  • When your plants are looking great. Take their pictures! First, you can look at the pictures during the winter to remind yourself of how spectacular they were, and second, you can use your pictures to plan for next year.

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