• What Can You Do With A Tablet

    What Can You Do With A Tablet

Interest and demand for mobile devices–from a tablet to an e-reader or smartphone–has soared in recent years.  And the trend is no different for older adults.

What Older Adults Are Using Mobile Devices For

Many people get a tablet as a gift from a family member because they want them to stay in touch through email or social platforms. Yet what they are using it for goes far beyond email. Here’s just some of what we hear.

Getting Started 

  1. Don’t be afraid of it. Fear is often the first thing people talk about when they get a new tablet. Many think of today’s technology as being fast-paced but often don’t realize how user-friendly it can actually be.
  2. You don’t need formal computer training. You don’t need to have extensive computer background or take a university course. Many libraries and community centers offer free classes to help people understand how to use their tablets. Also, ask family and friends for tips and advice.
  3. Play around with it. Be adventurous and play around with the device and apps. The best way to learn is to explore the app store, see what you find, and learn as you go. 

Once people get over the initial fear, they usually find out how useful, powerful and fun a tablet can be.

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