• What Type of Exercise is Best for Seniors?

    What Type of Exercise is Best for Seniors?

Think of your exercise routine like a well-balanced diet. Just as you adjust your diet as you age, the type of exercise can be adjusted to what your body needs.

A combination of aerobic/endurance and muscle strengthening can help you prevent health problems, boosts your mood, increases brain function, and so much more.

4 Best Types of Exercise

1. Balance

Balance exercises help improve overall mobility, function, and aid in fall prevention.

Standing on One Foot

Standing on one foot balance exercise for seniors

Equipment: Chair

Starting Position: Stand off to the side of the chair, allowing you to still hold on with one hand.

  • While standing on one side of the chair, you will lift the foot farthest from the chair off the ground in a position that is comfortable for you.
  • Hold the position for 30-45 seconds keeping head up, tummy tight, and shoulders back.
  • Eventually, it would be beneficial to work the knee up to 90 degrees.
  • Repeat with the opposite leg.

Expert Tip: You can close your eyes to add more of a challenge with this exercise. Ensure you’re comfortable with the exercise itself before making it more difficult.

2. Endurance/Aerobic

Endurance or aerobic exercises increase your heart rate, improve heart health, and can provide you more energy throughout the day.

  • Dancing
  • Swimming
  • Biking
  • Jogging

Consider an aquatic class for endurance training, it’s a low impact exercise that will not only built endurance but increase core strength and flexibility and as well.

3. Flexibility

To keep your body limber and help prevent injury add flexibility exercises to your routine. Here’s an example from a blog written by our Wellness Specialist Monique.

Back Stretch

Maintaining mobility of the back is essential for good posture and reducing back pain.

  1. Sit as tall as you can with both feet planted on the ground, in a chair with arms.
  2. While holding onto the left chair arm, twist your torso to the left and look over your left shoulder.
  3. Hold for several breaths.
  4. Repeat with the right side, holding for several breaths during stretch..

Get Monique’s ‘9 Stretches To Do At Home’ blog here. 

4. Strength

Strength training exercises are good for maintaining muscle and bone strength as you age. When you supplement your stretching routine with strength training exercises, you’ll help to balance out weaker muscles with the added benefit of flexibility.

The fitness & wellness center at Twin Lakes, The Connection, is where you’ll find an expertly trained team who creates workout routines and exercises that are specifically designed for those aged 50+. The Aquatic Center includes a 75-foot heated pool, aquatic bikes, and a whirlpool.  The Connection is in Cincinnati, Ohio and is open to the community and memberships are available. For more information contact us online or give us a call at 513-247-1300.

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