• When is the Best Time to Move to a Senior Living Community Near You?

    When is the Best Time to Move to a Senior Living Community Near You?

The simple answer is whenever you are ready. A great place to start is asking yourself if you are ready to give up the burden of home maintenance and simplify your life. However, there are certain times when moving to a new community is better than another. From the time of year to move-in deals, learn what you need to know about choosing the best time to move to a senior living community near you!

When is the Best Time to Move to a Senior Living Community?

Look For Senior Community Move-in Specials

First, let’s review what type of move-in specials and discounts are usually offered. As a savvy senior, you understand that comparing prices is easy. However, the best long-term plan goes just a little further than that, and winning the best deal means knowing what to look for. Many retirement communities feature move-in specials to ensure their maximum occupancy. Here are the most common senior community discounts:

  • Reduced monthly fees (or rent)
  • Community fees may be waived (also referred to as an entrance fee)
  • Extended rate lock (locked into a certain price for an extended period of time)
  • Free upgrades
  • Vouchers for extra services like dining, housekeeping, or other amenities

Best Time of Year to Move to a Senior Living Community

There is a distinct moving season for a reason. Some times of the year are significantly better to move than others and it is during these times that you will find many vacancies. Peak buying and selling for homes occurs from May through to August. The downside, however, is that you will pay premium prices if you move during these times. This goes for the community you move to as well as paying movers and storage. During this time of year, moving costs can rise by as much as 30%.

The holiday season also brings some interesting considerations when it comes to the best time to move. Even without the additional stress of moving, the holiday season presents its own specific moving challenges. Oftentimes, people rely on family and friends to help with a big move, so the holidays present a unique obstacle in getting everyone together. However, since there may be more family members home for the holidays — like college-age grandchildren — this can be an added benefit. 

Here are the best times to move:

  • Non-rainy parts of the year (usually after April)
  • Non-peak moving months (after August)
  • Before or after the holiday season
  • Most importantly, whenever you are ready

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