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Making the decision to move to a senior living community

There are many retirement communities in Cincinnati, choosing the right one for you is an important decision. Here are few tools to help you decide.

Retirement Community Checklist

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Here are a few important questions you should ask yourself about every community you tour: 

  • Do you know anyone that lives in the Community?
  • Have you visited the Community?
  • When you visited were you invited to talk to residents and staff?
  • Have you had the opportunity to dine at the Community?
  • Does the Community offer accommodations that are attractive to you?
  • Does the Community have access to an exercise area and indoor pool at no additonal charge?
  • Is the Community in a convenient location near family, friends, churches, stores and hospitals?
  • Are all utilities (electricity, water, telephone, television, heating, air conditioning) included in your monthly fee?
  • Is building maintenance, lawn care and home repair, included in your fee?
  • Does the Community offer assisted living and skilled nursing care?
  • Do your fees increase as you need more care?
  • Does the Community offer a separate special care residence for those with memory impairment?
  • Is there an emergency call system in  your residence?
  • Does the Community provide 24-hour security?
  • Does the accommodation include all kitchen appliances and washer/dryer?
  • Does the Community have a financially secure sponsor?
  • How long has the Community been in business?

How do my home expenses compare to a senior living community?Cost of Living Comparison

Moving to a community like Twin Lakes can offer incredible value you might not have even realized. Compare the costs of living in your home versus moving to Twin Lakes and discover what makes the most sense for you. 

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