• 10 Tips on How to Stay Active Despite the Weather

    10 Tips on How to Stay Active Despite the Weather

Don’t start hibernating already! There is still a whole lot of winter to go and staying active is the key to good health. So, instead of giving in to your inner couch potato, here is your guide on how to stay active during the winter.

How to Stay Active During Winter

Remember These Winter Advantages:

  • No heat or humidity.
  • The cold lets you workout longer.
  • Being active helps keep you healthy through flu season.

Keep Safety in Mind

Staying dry and warm is key to working out during the cold months. With a little preparation, you can protect yourself against the snow and cold.

First, understand that cold temperatures and damp conditions steal your body’s heat and can leave you susceptible to hypothermia and frostbite, despite feeling warm while you exercise. When you exercise, your skin becomes flushed because your body is causing heat to rise to the surface which can be dangerous in freezing weather. This combined with getting wet from snow or perspiration can magnify the effects of cold weather. That’s why wearing layers is so important because they help trap heat close to your body and insulate you against the weather.

Tip: When you layer, make sure you are wearing moisture-wicking fabrics and not cotton. This will allow you to stay dry while you work up a sweat.

Stay Hydrated

If you don’t feel as warm and you’re staying dry during your workout, you should still continue to hydrate.  Always be sure to bring water with you into your winter wonderland.

10 Tips For Staying Active in the Winter:

  1. Brisk Walk. If snow and ice are not present, a brisk walk is a perfect way to get some cardio without the heat and humidity wearing you out.
  2. Join a gym or health club. Staying inside is easier when the weather is unpleasant. Try signing up for a class to motivate you to leave the house and hold yourself accountable for making time for fitness.
  3. Find an indoor swimming pool. Aquatic exercises have endless benefits due to the reduction of stress on our bodies. A warm water pool can have the added bonus of soothing soreness we sometimes experience in our joints during the winter months.
  4. Try hiking. Hiking is a great exercise no matter your experience level.  
  5. Walk around the mall. It’s a great way to walk inside without a gym membership.
  6. Try a new fitness class. Adding something new to your daily routine can really be a mood booster. In addition, trying new things has cognitive benefits as well!
  7. Exercise at home. There are more options than ever to get a quick workout in at home. Don’t let the weather keep you from improving your strength and balance.
  8. Take the stairs. A super simple way to start pushing yourself to work out. Avoid shortcuts and incorporate some stretches when you reach your destination.
  9. Play indoor sports. Whether it’s table tennis or throwing darts, a little competition can inspire you to get off the couch and activate your muscles.
  10. Play outside with the kids. Staying inside all winter can be bad for your physical and mental health. Take time to breathe some fresh air and toss a ball with a young one or dog. It will do you both some good!

Don’t let the chilly weather turn you into a couch potato this winter!  Get active out there with these winter exercises. Don’t be afraid to get creative and let us know your favorite winter exercises on our Facebook page!

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