• 3 Amazingly Simple Health Benefits of Dancing for Seniors

    3 Amazingly Simple Health Benefits of Dancing for Seniors

There are many health benefits of dancing for seniors. These dancing benefits range from improving your physical health to promoting strong social connections which both increase your sense of well-being. Dancing isn’t simply a social activity or physical activity but is often used as a form of therapy.

Dance is not only an activity for the young, it can have several major benefits to seniors looking to age on their terms. None of these benefits are specific to any one particular type of dance but can be reaped by any type of dance. 

Senior Health Benefits of Dancing

Physical Benefits of Dancing

The older you get, the more your body starts to lose coordination, muscle mass, and balance. These issues can make you more prone to falling and injury during the course of everyday activities. Dancing can help prevent the loss of those important aspects of your fitness. 

According to this study, dancing improves muscle strength and function in older adults. Additionally, dance increases balance and flexibility which leads to better stability and fewer injuries while also improving cardiovascular health. 

Social and Mental Benefits of Dancing

Staying physically fit isn’t the only reason to break out your boogie shoes. It also helps you meet your social needs and improve mental health. Many women over 60 who regularly go out dancing, report that it helps them be more involved in their communities and encourages them to join other groups.

This is especially true for seniors struggling with poor mental health. Dancing socially improves feelings of connectivity and reduces feelings of isolation which can lead to depression. All in all, research confirms that regularly dancing can improve a sense of well-being and stay connected with the community for seniors.

Cognitive Benefits of Dancing

Though there does seem to be some evidence that dancing can improve cognitive function in seniors, the research is less clear. 

One study found that dancing can increase brain activity which helps form neural connections. This helps you think with more speed and agility. Dancing may also improve concentration and the ability to focus and pay attention better. Some researchers hypothesize this is due to how dance, particularly contemporary, emphasizes improvisation rather than remembering a strict sequence of steps and movements.

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