• 3 of the Hottest New Senior Tech Innovations

    3 of the Hottest New Senior Tech Innovations

When we think of people using smart home products, we usually think of a hip twenty-something on their phone. However, senior tech — or silver tech — is one of the fastest-growing industries in the market. So, should you know about the hottest new industry?

This year at CES, many new exciting devices were released with the senior community in mind.

Designing Items with Caregivers in Mind

Starting off with a little help for caregivers, Procter & Gamble showed up with their new Gillette Treo. This is a razor designed for grooming of senior individuals by a caregiver. It features a tube filled with shaving cream which is easy to squeeze. This dispenses the shaving cream directly under the razor with one-handed ease.

Improving Hearing Aids

Since the rollback of hearing aid related laws in the U.S., a lot of change has been happening in the industry. A person no longer has to obtain approval from an audiologist to purchase hearing aids and that is expected to bring the price down significantly.

The Nuheara IQbusd2 Max earbuds, starting at a price of $400, allowed people at CES to successfully listen to conversations in two separate rooms at the same time. This is to meet the challenge of environments like restaurants that often cause trouble for the hearing impaired.

In the Home

Samsung has also started home innovations that can help seniors with the development of Ballie, a small ball-shaped robot designed to help around the house. The ball features built-in fall detection. Additionally, it will approach and ask if 911 is needed.

What This Means for Senior Tech

As we’ve been saying for a while now, the world is changing for seniors as the Boomers start retiring. This advent in tech is evidence that industries are innovating like never before to assist the aging demographic.

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