• SURPRISE! 4 Secrets Uncovered After Moving to a Senior Community

    SURPRISE! 4 Secrets Uncovered After Moving to a Senior Community

By The Marketing Team at Twin Towers Senior Living Community.

“People have no idea what goes on in retirement communities: they think they do, but they don’t.” We recently heard this comment from a resident who is in her early 60’s.

She went on to say her biggest surprise has been the new things she’s learning and doing, things she didn’t even know she would want to do.

Studies show people who live around other vibrant, active people interested and engaged in life are healthier and happier than those living alone, so we began wondering what else surprised our residents after they moved in.

4 Surprises of Moving to a Retirement Community

We decided to take an informal poll. Ask residents what surprised them after moving into Twin Towers senior community. Here’s what they shared:

1:“I’m more involved in the larger community than ever before.”

With services readily available on campus, residents can spend their time on the things they want to do. “I can volunteer for an event committee, have an impromptu lunch with a friend in the Bistro or head off campus to take a class at the University of Cincinnati.

Many residents take advantage of the convenient transportation and head downtown for Reds baseball games and University of Cincinnati sports and arts performances. They can also head north and enjoy an evening on “The Avenue,” College Hill’s entertainment district.

From drinks at Marty’s Hops and Vines to dinner at Bacall’s to coffee and dessert (and live music) at the College Hill Coffee Company, there’s always something to enjoy in College Hill.

2:“I have a busy social life both on and off campus.”

Talking about your bucket list can be fun, but actually experiencing it is even more exciting. Have you always wanted to take a trip to Europe but never seemed to get around to it? More than likely one of your new neighbors wants to go too!

There are many classes and programs offered right on campus, and one resident shared. “I see something being hosted that I wouldn’t have ever considered going out to do in the past. Now I ask myself – why not? I find that I am involved in so many more events than ever before.”

Students on Campus

One unique and exciting aspect of life on Twin Towers’ campus is our Artists-in-Residence program. This partnership with University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music means there are master’s and doctorate level students living right on campus.

The student artists plan and perform regularly scheduled concerts for residents in exchange for their housing cost.

One couple new to our campus shared their surprise and delight at the concerts. “Since moving in, we have heard more high-quality music in four months than we heard in two years living in Boston. And Boston is a very strong arts town!”

3: “Everything is easier since I moved in.”

Most residents look forward to no longer maintaining a home and property after moving in. But one of the biggest surprises was just how much easier everythingin life became after their move.

If you like to pick up and go, there’s no need to worry about your home while you are gone. Whether your travels take you across the country or across the city. Your home will be exactly as it was when you left.

When you don’t feel like cooking, just take a stroll to the Bistro or restaurant on campus and let our chef prepare your meal. Meet up with friends or make new ones while you choose from a wide selection of campus favorites, Chef Specials, and seasonal treats. No reservations are necessary.

If you want to go on a trip but would rather not drive, our group trips are the perfect solution. Whether we are traveling to the Kentucky Derby Museum for the day, lunching at nearby Ruth’s Cafe or off to see a show at the Aronoff, you can leave the driving to us!

4:“New things to learn and do.”

At Twin Towers, you don’t have to go very far to learn something new. With over 450 residents one resident told us, “I can learn about something new every day. Just by having a conversation over a cup of coffee in the Bistro on campus.”

Another resident told us: “I’ve joined a dinner club with friends I met at the Connection, which I call the ‘pool and gym’. They don’t all live at Twin Towers, but they have memberships to the Connection for swimming and working out. I was surprised to meet people with whom I had so much in common!”

In addition to meeting new friends, there is the opportunity to try new things. For some residents, they never considered joining an aqua-Pilates or yoga class until moving in.

For others, it was the opportunity to expand upon the exercise program they already performed. Either way, residents find The Connection team experienced at leading classes, personal coaching and developing new programs that residents have requested.

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