• 4 Surprising Psychological Secrets of Positive Thinking

    4 Surprising Psychological Secrets of Positive Thinking

You already know that diet and exercise are vital to aging happily on your terms. But there are some other things you can do to ensure you are happy as you get older. It turns out that optimism and thinking happy thoughts are just as important as eating well. Here are the psychological secrets to positive thinking. 

Positive Thinking is a State of Mind

Growing older comes with some natural changes, both good and bad. But those who see good years ahead and focus on that actually live longer. Research shows that those individuals actually have a longer life span and greater chances of living past 85. In fact, seeing your glass as half full could be just as important as having low blood pressure and cholesterol. 

The Power of Optimism

It’s hard to determine which is more important, good health or a positive attitude. However, it is possible that they both build on each other. Feeling optimistic is attributed to getting more exercise and eating better which compounds upon itself to cause you to feel happy and healthy.

Lower Chances of Getting Sick

Having a rosy outlook on the world might actually diminish the likelihood of suffering from certain illnesses. For example, it may play a role in heart health. Positive thinking can be good for your blood pressure which is one of the most important factors in heart health. 


Having a positive outlook may help with thinking and remembering. People who are optimistic are less forgetful. Additionally, they are better at problem-solving, which is a vital skill.

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