• 5 Benefits of Choosing a CCRC

    5 Benefits of Choosing a CCRC

There are many benefits of choosing a CCRC, or Continuing Care Retirement Community, and each person has different priorities in retirement. There are five reasons that typically emerge when people respond to the questions ‘why did you move to a CCRC?’ These are the most popular answers not in any particular order. 

Learn the Benefits of Choosing a CCRC

1. Continuum of Care

Moving to a CCRC gives you access to a continuum of care and services, so you have what you need when you need it.  If you experience a health status change, the care you need is on your campus. No need to move to a new facility or community. You know the medical professionals and staff right where you are living and they know you. 

Whether you experience an unexpected health change, or you have an elective surgery that will require some therapy– you can return to your community and receive the level of care you’re accustomed to from the community you’ve grown to trust.

2. Maintenance-free Living

Leaving home maintenance behind is one of the key benefits of choosing a CCRC. But it’s not just being tired of mowing the grass and shoveling the snow.  Maintenance and repair on a house and the appliances in the house, take time away from enjoying the retirement you planned for. What could you do if you weren’t repairing and repainting walls?

When you live in a CCRC the outdoor and indoor upkeep is taken care of, leaving your calendar open to do the things you want.

3. Social Opportunities

There are many opportunities to socialize within a CCRC.  Concerts, programs and events are typically scheduled on campus. In addition, outings and day trips are planned to explore the greater community. Some even take week-long adventures such as fall trips to New England or summer vacations in the mountains. 

Because residents are involved in committees and workgroups at many CCRCs they often help discuss and plan the social opportunities on the campus. If you think your social circle has shrunk as you age, moving to a CCRC can introduce you to a whole group of neighbors and friends you wouldn’t have otherwise known.

4. Wellness and Fitness Programs 

Most CCRCs have a focus on health and wellness to support the vibrant and active older adults living in their community. They usually have a fitness center and offer health and wellness programs that embrace aging well. From balance and strength training to yoga and tai chi, there will be something for everyone.  Very often if there are residents interested in a topic, class or exercise,  the staff will work with them to incorporate those regularly into the schedule. Some CCRC’s have aquatic centers while others are conveniently located near a local community center with a pool. 

5. Peace of Mind

One of the key benefits of choosing a Continuing Care Retirement Community, and this can not be overstated, is peace of mind. That’s because when you move to a CCRC you have settled questions about your future healthcare. 

Not only does it offer peace of mind to you but it offers it to your family. They don’t need to worry about you. And no one has to be concerned about you ending up in a community that doesn’t compliment the retirement you envisioned.

Start Your Research Early 

Wherever you decide to spend your retirement years, do your research early. Here’s a checklist that can help. You’ll want to be certain the community you choose can meet your needs and complement your lifestyle. Then you’ll spend less time worrying about the future and more time enjoying the present.

Concord Reserve is a continuing care retirement community in Westlake, Ohio. We’re focused on supporting the vibrant and active lifestyles of our residents so they can age well. For more information, contact Concord Reserve online or at 440-871-0090. Concord Reserve is a continuing care retirement community in Cleveland, Ohio.

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