• 6 Reasons Retirees Should Consider A Continuing Care Retirement Community

    6 Reasons Retirees Should Consider A Continuing Care Retirement Community

With all the retirement options out there today, retirees are looking for more than just a home to retire in. They want communities with favorable amenities packages. When shopping for your new home, consider what Concord Reserve has to offer as a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC). With apartment living on the rise, now is the time to find your new home.

Amenities for Retirees

Low or No-Maintenance Homes

Nobody wants to work toward retirement for years only to spend it busy keeping up with the maintenance of a large, empty house. Many American retirees are looking for the perfect retirement community with compact but comfortable homes with low to no maintenance.

High-End Homes

Deciding to downsize and move to an active senior community does not mean anyone wants to sacrifice home quality. Many Americans want their home in retirement to have the same luxury features as their old home. 

Convenient Locations

Every day, more and more retirees want to live an active lifestyle with close friends and busy environments. This means living close to museums, cultural events, and restaurants to live the vibrant life they’ve always dreamed of. Essentially, seniors today are looking for the best of both worlds; an age-restricted community in close proximity to an active city center. 

A Sense of Community

As alluded to above, when seniors move to a new lifestyle community, they want to stay socially active. They want to live in a place where they can feel connected to their neighbors and seek the kind of environment that fosters a true community. This includes spaces for community members to gather, an ability to have a voice in the community, and opportunities to connect with neighbors. These types of amenities allow community members the opportunity to socialize or attend events which fosters a closer sense of community among retirees.

Public Classes

Just because retirees aren’t working anymore doesn’t mean they don’t want to have anything to do. A great way to stay busy — and sharp — is to continue learning and trying new things. Many retirees are looking for a more active lifestyle and want to be challenged mentally. Active adults want community classes so they can continue to be intellectually or artistically challenged and continue to learn new things as they age. 

Walking Paths

In a quest to maintain good health to age well, staying active is one of the best ways to maintain good health. But sometimes, the gym can get a little boring. That’s why it’s so nice to have outdoor walking paths. In fact, they are increasingly considered a “must-have” for retirement communities.

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Concord Reserve is a continuing care retirement community in Westlake, Ohio, independent living apartments, assisted living, rehab services, and more. We’re focused on supporting the vibrant and active lifestyles of our residents so they can age well. For more information, contact Concord Reserve online or at 440-871-0090.

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