• 6 Simple Steps for Senior Downsizing

    6 Simple Steps for Senior Downsizing

Many seniors in America are looking to downsize, whether to make their lives easier or in preparation for a move. The thought of downsizing can be frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are some simple steps for senior downsizing to make your life a little simpler. 

Steps for Senior Downsizing

Start Early

It’s important to give yourself plenty of time for the downsizing process because, unfortunately, it will always take a little longer than you think. That being said, take your time and don’t try to rush through the process. Plan ahead so you will have enough time to take your time. About a month is a good starting time frame for downsizing your entire home. Go room by room with plenty of breaks.

Go through each item one by one to give each the attention it merits. Sometimes, it can help to say goodbye or to thank the item when deciding you no longer need it. This can help you in the decision-making process. To get in the right mindset for downsizing, read this article.

Start Small

You might already know there are things in the attic you want to get rid of but hesitate to dig into such a large space. No worries. Since you planned enough time, you don’t need to start with the biggest areas. Start in a place with few emotional items, like cabinets and closets.

For downsizing photo albums, check out our blog on converting your photos to digital.

Rule Out Rooms You Won’t Have Anymore

If you are downsizing to move into a smaller space, you won’t need all the stuff for the rooms you have now. Moving from a four-bedroom to a two-bedroom? Well, you won’t need all those extra sheets. You might not have an office, attic, or garage in your new space which means all the stuff that has accumulated in those spaces might have to go. These areas usually have great things to put in yard sales.

No Duplicates Needed

Like we mentioned earlier with cutting down on sheets, the same goes for duplicate items. This is extremely prevalent in areas like the kitchen and spare rooms. You might have a bunch of same-sized spatulas or even multiple blenders. Now is the time to reduce that clutter and cut down on your items.

No Maybe Piles

It’s tempting to put things to the side to decide on them later, but this is counterproductive to your goal. If you can’t make a decision about it now, why do you think you can later? Essentially, you’ll end up with a maybe pile that is bigger than your other piles. If that happens, then you haven’t really made any progress and will just have to go through those same items. Just make your decisions and move on.

Sell Your Stuff

With things like Craigslist and eBay, as well as many apps, yard sales are beginning to be a thing of the past. You likely won’t make a bunch of money, so don’t make how much time you invest in selling it a top priority. Posting things online is easy, fast and doesn’t take an entire day to make a few dollars.

However, the benefit of having a yard sale is you get the money right away. Whereas with online sales you might be waiting months to unload your stuff. Consignment is also an option but can take just as long if not longer than online sales.

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