• 7 Simple Hacks to Keep Your Space Decluttered and Tidy

    7 Simple Hacks to Keep Your Space Decluttered and Tidy

Decluttering is a huge aspiration for anyone, but especially seniors who are thinking about downsizing. If you are looking to begin your decluttering journey, check out this article on how to start decluttering. But how do you stay decluttered when things are constantly coming into your home and cluttering things up? When this keeps happening, your clutter situation may become overwhelming again. It is just as important to learn how to stay decluttered as it is to declutter in the first place. 

Tips for Keeping Your Spaces Decluttered

Never Leave a Room Empty-Handed

Try to remember, whenever you leave a room it is an opportunity to do a little tidying up. Whenever you leave a room, take a moment to look around and see if there is anything that could be organized better. Or better yet, look for things that don’t belong like cups or papers.

So, keep in mind the next time you get up to grab a glass of water or go to the bathroom, remember to pick up a few things and put them in their proper places. This will save you a trip in the long run and help you keep your spaces nice and clean.

Have a Designated Place for Your Papers

That’s right, the dreaded collection of papers on counters, coffee tables, and end tables is coming to a stop. Whether it’s letters, bills, or fliers, it helps to have a designated place where all your papers go,  especially the ones that require immediate attention. There is an exception for important documents like birth certificates and the like, which should go in a locked safe or drawer. 

Make sure that at least once a week you go through this pile of papers and address the things that need to be addressed and get rid of the rest. This will help keep your areas clear of paper clutter.

One in One Out

When you’ve decluttered your home, you typically make room for the stuff you have. This means, when you get something new, you haven’t made space for it. If you practice one item in, one item out, it will help you with this space management problem.

Buy a new pair of pants? Time to donate another. This prevents the build-up of too much stuff which eventually leads to clutter.

10 Minute Tidy

That’s right, take 10 minutes every day to tidy up. Set a time each day, whenever is the most convenient, and get in the habit of tidying up at that time every day. A little bit each day can really help you stay on top of your clutter. 

If It Will Only Take a Minute, Do it Now

Don’t put off to tomorrow what can be done right now and if it only takes a moment, why bother waiting? If you are taking a shower, be sure to put your clothes and towel in the laundry. If a dish needs to be rinsed, do it now rather than wait. It will make your life easier in the long run.

Make the Bed

This can be a total life change if you never made it a regular practice before. It influences your mindset for the day as well as starting the morning with tidying up. It’s a win-win. Besides, it’s impossible for your space to look neat with an unmade bed.

Half is Better Than None

Sometimes you are in a serious hurry and don’t have time to tidy up. Think of the times you were running late and left dirty clothes on the floor or didn’t have time to clean breakfast dishes. In these situations, doing a little is better than none at all. 

Next time this happens, instead of just dashing out the door without trying to clean, attempt to clean a little. Getting in the habit of not letting little messes slide is a great way to train yourself to keep the clutter to a minimum. 

Stay Decluttered

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