• Apps to Make Traveling Easier

    Apps to Make Traveling Easier

Using apps has makes traveling easier. So whether you’re still working part-time and enjoying long weekends on occasion. Or fully retired with travel on the mind, these apps can assist you in making your journeys more enjoyable.

Before You Leave


There is nothing worse than hitting the road and realizing you forgot to pack something. Luckily, this app is a great resource for making sure you are prepared for your travels. You can input information such as length of stay, activities you’ll partake in and other details pertinent to your travels. From there, the app helps you compile a packing list based on your trip and checks the weather so you are prepared.

Available on Apple & Android


Making multiple stops? Keeping track of all of your travel details can be harrowing. Once you book your travel forward your email confirmations to TripIt and it will generate a full itinerary for you.

Available on Apple & Android

On the Road

Most travel enthusiasts would agree when choosing a locale, it’s the experience you’ll have once you arrive that matters most. But what happens between home and your final destination can sometimes make or break the trip.


Waze tells you instantly about traffic, construction, police, and accidents because drivers are sharing what is going on in real time. If there’s a new pothole or stalled car on the road you’ll know about it instantly. In addition, Waze will offer alternate routes in order to save you time.

Available on Apple & Android


Customize your road trip so you don’t miss any of the sights along the way! Enter your starting point and destination and Roadtrippers will map your route and point out all of the attractions that you won’t want to miss. Use the app to find lodging, parks, attractions, dining and more along the route. Before you make your stop, read reviews from visitors or leave a review of your own. Great way to make the most of hitting the road.

 Available on Apple and Android


Make sure you get the most out of your mileage by checking fuel prices along the way! This real-time app allows you to check the location, pricing, and reviews of gas stations along your route. For those looking to save a little extra expense, you can even sign up to pay for your gas with their payment service that offers discounts.

Available on Apple and Android

Where To Eat

Deciding where to eat can be tricky whether you are on the road or not. Simplify your dining experiences with these helpful guides.


When it comes to restaurant reviews, Zagat has been in the game since 1979. You’ll be sure to find a great eatery with their rated and reviewed establishments in most major cities. Just narrow down by your location to find something to fit your appetite. Enjoy their compilations of the city’s top dining destinations and take in their mouth-watering food photos. Traveling and finding a great meal has never been easier.

Available on Apple and Android


Search by your location, find reviews and book a table right from your phone without being placed on hold. A great way to explore local cuisine and specify your search with categories like “Good for Groups” and “Fit for Foodies.”

Available on Apple and Android

Uber Eats

Been traveling all day and just too exhausted to think about heading out for a meal? You may know Uber for its ridesharing services, but they’ve since branched out to include meal delivery options. This app shows you local dining venues that offer delivery from an Uber Eats driver. Keep it simple by ordering and paying all within the app. A great way to enjoy local cuisine from the comfort of your hotel room.

Available on Apple and Android

With helpful resources like these at your fingertips, you can make your traveling easier. Whether it’s a long weekend or cross-continental adventure!

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