7 Surprising Benefits of Downsizing Your Home in Retirement

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When you were younger, the dreams of a large home were likely fresh in your mind. However, as many seniors age, it is common to need less space than you did when you were working or starting a family. Downsizing your home comes with many surprising benefits you may not have considered before retirement. Whether you are looking for a simpler lifestyle or are having difficulty maintaining a large home, downsizing is a practical measure for many seniors. 

Benefits of Downsizing Your Home

It Can Make it Easier to Relocate

Selling your home and buying a new one one can be a pain. You need to find a real estate agent, show the home, and negotiate the price. This can be especially problematic if the housing market takes a turn. This becomes less of an issue if you choose to downsize your home as you will not have to sell your house at a high cost in order to cover the expenses of the new. 

This can be especially beneficial if you are planning on moving to a senior community, as you can use the money from selling your house to cover the entrance fee.

You Can Finally Get Organized

When you move to a smaller house, you will likely want to declutter your home. Seniors who remain in their large homes end up only using a few rooms such as the living room, kitchen, and bedroom. This is especially true for those with mobility challenges. 

Downsizing to a smaller home can ensure that the space you have is used frequently. It also makes it easier for those with mobility issues to get around because there is less ground to cover.

It Can Eliminate Stress

Smaller houses come with diminished responsibilities, but did you know that having a cozy, clean space is also good for your mental health?

When you spend time in a cluttered space, your brain is subconsciously categorizing your environment, which can make you anxious and even depressed. When you live in a space that is easy to clean and maintain, you will experience the psychological benefits of downsizing.

Smaller Homes Are More Accessible

Like many seniors, as you age, climbing stairs may become more difficult. If you live in a two-story home, you may begin to view your e stairs as barriers that prevent you from easily enjoying your entire home. Additionally, stairs present a greater risk for injury due to balance issues and the threat of falling.

If you have mobility issues, downsizing to a smaller one-story home might be a solution.

You May Feel Less Isolated

Many people who live in large suburban homes report feeling isolated as they age in their communities. Moving to a retirement community or apartment in a more urban setting can bring you closer to the places you want to go. This is especially important for those who may be having difficulty driving.

Another benefit of downsizing to a senior community is the accessibility to shuttle services.

You Reduce the Responsibilities of Your Children

When a parent passes away, the children are often tasked with clearing out the house. This requires them to go through possessions and give them away or put them in a storage facility. 

Downsizing your possessions before shuffling from the mortal coil helps your children since there is less to go through. It can also give you the opportunity to give your possessions to your family members for them to enjoy..

Gain More You Time

With a smaller space comes fewer responsibilities, and thus you will spend less time cleaning and maintaining your home. That means you are able to spend more time doing what you want, be it hobbies, travel, or family time. 

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