• How Assisted Living Helps Make Better Family Bonds

    How Assisted Living Helps Make Better Family Bonds

It is well known that assisted living gives you the opportunity to choose what you do with your time. With fewer responsibilities, assisted living helps make better family bonds by giving you the free time you’ve always wanted with the people you care about. And it’s not just you who will benefit either, but many people in assisted living see a ripple effect that benefits your entire family.

Never Feel Like a Burden

We know you don’t want to be a burden to your family and choosing an assisted living community can help alleviate some serious family tension. Not just because of the stress you might be putting on your children, but because of the emotional toll on you. You are retired and this is the time to do what you enjoy, not feel guilty for aging. 

According to this article by the AARP, people are five times more afraid of burdening their family than they are of dying. That’s a serious degree of mental pressure for anyone to cope with.

Moving to an assisted living community means you will never put your care on the people you love, which can improve your mental health. This allows you to enjoy quality time with the people you care about most.

Reduce Stress Between You and Your Family

When you decide to move to an assisted living community, this reduces stress for your children. Even if you are in good health and never need to ask your children for assistance, they may have been worrying about you. It can be really difficult for adult children to broach the subject of care because they are afraid of offending you or thinking about getting older might make them uncomfortable. With assisted living, they know you are where you want to be.

Great for Your Grandkids

Becoming a secondary caregiver is common for many grandparents to help their children get a break. But did you know this has a profound influence on the future success of your grandchildren?

New research suggests that children who spend time with their grandparents are more likely to be successful later in life. This is attributed to grandchildren with close bonds with their grandparents tend to have fewer behavioral problems.

A Chance to Tell Your Story

We all know that one of the most important aspects of family is legacy. With the stronger family bonds that come with reduced stress and guilt, you have the opportunity to earnestly and openly tell your story to the people you care about.

“In Sickness and Health”

On a more somber note, experiencing health issues is common later in life. But not all couples age the same way or experience the same issues. Aside from managing their own health, many seniors find themselves caring for their ailing partner. If you are the healthier between you and your partner, you may be weighing your support options. But in an assisted living community, your spouse can get the support they need without turning you into their caregiver. This allows both of you to continue living as the happy couple you have always been without guilt or burden of care.

Make Better Family Bonds

But this decision isn’t about your children or really your family. It’s about you. Whatever you choose you can always work to make better family bonds. You probably don’t need assisted living to care about your family, nor they to care about you.

The benefit of assisted living is that it gives you the time to spend on what is most important to you, and this can benefit everyone. In the right senior community, the gift you receive is time. And time is the most important currency you can spend on family.

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Assisted Living provides an individual or couple the freedom of independence with the convenience of support and services at the ready. You can learn more about the Assisted Living options in our communities using these links. Visit Twin Lakes or Twin Towers in Cincinnati or Concord Reserve in Westlake, Ohio.

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