• How to Clean Your Indoor Air

    How to Clean Your Indoor Air

Taking a deep cleansing breath can be great for your health, and even better with clean indoor air. But what if your indoor air needs some freshening? With a few simple measures, cleaner indoor air is possible.

Three Ways to Clean Your Indoor Air

1. Air Purifying Plants

Besides being beautiful, houseplants are also a simple way to purify your indoor air. Additionally, they’re easy to find at local garden stores or online. With a little water and some sunlight, you can freshen your air and bring the outdoors in.

So, try one (or all!) of these plants to clean your the air in your home:

  • Spider plants
  • English Ivy
  • Bamboo Palm
  • Peace Lily
  • Aloe Vera

Bonus feature: House plants have been found to improve mood!

2. Home Air Purifiers

Smoke, dust and pollen are some of the many pollutants that can be found in indoor air. But there are solutions available for this. Electronic air purifiers can help to eliminate these contaminants.

Some of the solutions that exist:

HEPA Filters

If your home’s HVAC is equipped, HEPA filters are a great way to capture small particles in your air. But, if your system doesn’t compliment these filters, standalone units may be an option.

Carbon Filters

Like HEPA filters, these can be used in your HVAC system to capture impurities. Unlike HEPA filters, they are successful at targeting gases rather than small particles.

So, they can successfully eliminate odors given off by smoke, cleaning solutions or other fumes emitted in the home.

UV Lights

Another solution for your HVAC system are UV lights. By using UV lights in your home you can eliminate virus particles and other microbes that are floating in your air before they are sent through the ducts.

Electronic Air Purifiers

A quick online search will yield hundreds of results for stand-alone air purifying units. Unlike filters, these units use an electrical charge to capture particles in the air.

While you may want to find one that takes care of all your air quality concerns, you’ll find that no one unit does it all. So, try consulting a resource like Consumer Reports to find one that best suits your needs.

3. Don’t Pollute Your Own Air

Finally, you can eliminate pollutants in your air by not putting them there! Unfortunately, we may be the cause of some of the poor air quality in our homes.

From the home improvement projects we are doing to the cleaning supplies we are using, we may be polluting our air.

So, what can you do?

  • Use all natural cleaners when possible. Vinegar, lemon and simple soap and water may be all you need to avoid spraying harmful chemicals in your home.
  • Keep your floors clean. Small particles will make their way to your floors, so you can keep them out of your lungs by cleaning them more often.
  • Use paints and products with your air in mind! More companies are developing green products to keep toxins out of your home. Before you do your next home project, do your research.

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