• How To Reduce The Risk of Falling at Home

    How To Reduce The Risk of Falling at Home

 By Erin Alexander M.A., CCC-SLP, Director of Therapy at Life Enriching Communities.

It’s no secret that the risk of injuring ourselves in a fall increases as we age, making fall prevention a priority.

More than likely you know someone, or you yourself, have taken a spill or had a close call that could have resulted in a trip to the emergency room.

Tackle these steps immediately for fall prevention. By doing so you can continue to maintain your level of independence.

6 Things You Can Do Today for Fall Prevention

  • Remove Obstacles- Walk through your home and take note of anything that could be a hazard. Culprits include throw rugs, cords, baskets or plant stands. Eliminate these from walking paths. Assess your furniture pieces to make sure they are placed in ways that don’t obstruct walking paths.
  • Turn on Lights- Keep lights on in dimly lit areas or use night lights with sensors. Place flashlights in convenient locations in the event of a power outage and make sure to keep a lamp on your nightstand. If you’re concerned about the expense of leaving lights on, consider investing in energy-efficient LED bulbs.
  • Choose the Right Shoes– Your favorite slippers may be comfortable, but slip-on shoes are not recommended in most circumstances. Select shoes with non-skid soles that offer your foot support. Opt for an insert if you need added arch or heel support. 
  • Try At Home Balance Exercises- Keeping steady on your feet is an excellent way to stay in shape and is an integral part of fall prevention. To improve your balance, there are several simple balance exercises that can be done at home.
  • Take a Walk- Staying physically active is a great approach to fall prevention. A daily walk around your block, neighborhood or local walking paths will strengthen your legs as well as increase your endurance. Consider walking around the mall during the winter months.
  • Call Your Physician- If you take prescription medications, consult your physician about possible side effects that can cause loss of balance. If you’ve experienced changes in your physical abilities, inquire about therapy services that can address your mobility and balance. 

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