Getting on a Senior Living Community Waitlist

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If a senior living community is part of your retirement plan, you’ll want to get on their waiting list as soon as possible, especially if that community is very popular. Here’s everything you need to keep in mind when joining a senior living waitlist.

Reasons to Join a Senior Living Waitlist

A waitlist allows you to have a place in the queue as different home openings become available. There are many benefits to joining a senior living waitlist:

  • First Step of Your Moving Process: There are a lot of steps in the moving process, and getting on a waitlist is a great first step. It’s nice to make the moving process seem less daunting because you already have the first major decision taken care of.
  • Less Stress With a Plan in Place for Future Care: Knowing your future is mapped out, especially if you land a place with a continuum of care, is the most comforting feeling.
  • Space is Limited: Demand for senior living is constantly increasing while the supply isn’t able to keep up at the same pace. Now’s the time to secure your spot and explore as many living options as possible!
  • Time to Downsize: You have a lot of belongings to go through, and you’ll need time to decide what to take when you move and what to leave behind.
  • Opportunity to Try Before You Buy: Many communities let people on their waitlist enjoy special perks and try out different parts of their community programs and amenities.
  • A Chance to Meet the Neighbors: If you partake in community benefits while on the waitlist, you’ll get to meet your neighbors and the staff.

How a Senior Living Waitlist Works

Every community has its own waitlist policies and procedures. Prospective residents fill out an application and pay a fee to get on the waitlist, and priority is then based on application dates, accommodation selection, and level of care needed. While on the waitlist, prospective residents keep the community updated on their health or care requirements.

Things to do While You’re on a Waiting List

If you’ve already toured and chosen a senior living community as a part of your retirement planning, you’re in great shape. Here are some things you can do while you’re on their waitlist:

  • Downsize Your Belongings: The more you can do when the clock is not ticking, the better. If you’ve already decided on the approximate size of your future home, you can use that as a baseline for slimming down on items to bring when you move.
  • Make a List: Start a list of who you’ll need to notify of your change of address, such as banking institutions, churches, magazine subscriptions, physicians, and service providers for your phone, cable, and utilities. While you won’t know the timing quite yet, you can use this list as a reference when the time comes to keep track of all your communications. And keep an eye on your mail!
  • Get Involved: Just because you’re not a resident yet doesn’t mean you can’t weave yourself into the fabric of the community. Ask about volunteer opportunities, clubs or classes you can join now, or day trips that may be open to you. Getting to know current residents and staff ahead of your move will make the transition much smoother and the move more exciting.
  • Explore Dining Options: Ask your community if you can use their dining options now. While you may not have access to the same perks as current residents, you can get accustomed to the menus and reservation process and meet your future neighbors.
  • Study the Resident Handbook: Make the transition easier by familiarizing yourself with the departments on campus, the processes involved in utilizing the services and amenities, and any changes to your daily routine that may occur based on these.
  • Focus on Your Wellness: Does your future community provide fitness and wellness opportunities? Talk to an associate about utilizing the facilities before you move in. There may even be a discounted rate offered to you as a future resident!
  • What to Consider When Relocating: If you’ll be relocating, consider researching physicians in your new city now and prepare to have your records transferred ahead of your move.

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