How to Find and Continue Companionship as You Age

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As we age, we may lose connections through unfortunate circumstances or retire and miss out on meeting new people through employment. When these social groups shrink, we often visit fewer places and perform less daily tasks, which can lead to depression and isolation. Developing lasting companionships through friends, families, romantic partners, and peer groups benefit you by:

  • Keeping you occupied with activities and events
  • Encouraging you to find new hobbies, share ideas, and stay creative
  • Motivating you to maintain your health and appearance
  • Promoting a healthier lifestyle with physical activity and emotional connection

Here are five key areas to find companionship as long as you stay true to yourself and do your part by engaging.

1. Volunteering or Part-time Work

Now that you’re retired, you have at least 40+ hours a week of additional free time to yourself! This could be a great opportunity to give back to the community and volunteer, especially since it also reduces stress, anxiety, and depression. You’ll feel great making a difference in the world and meet a diverse group of people as well.

And if you enjoyed working and want to work part-time, consider consulting in your field or trying out a different career path you always wanted to test out. Don’t be afraid to explore the career pool with a new set of eyes. You’ll meet all kinds of people through networking and collaborative projects who can help you learn new skills.

2. Traveling

An afternoon in the city with friends can be just as satisfying as an extended vacation abroad or cross-country road trip. Consider forming a group of travel buddies where you plan and visit all the places you’ve wanted to see and foods, activities, and events you wanted to try. This way, you’ll get close with your travel companions and meet new people at every stop!

3. Education and Programs

Is there a subject you’d like to revisit, a skill you’d like to advance, or a topic you’ve been wanting to explore? Your curiosity doesn’t have to end in retirement! There are many types of classes, clubs, and programs you can join where you’ll learn and engage with others who have similar interests. This is a great opportunity to become more savvy, skilled, and independent while also meeting people who can collaborate and support you in your talents.

4. Staying Fit and Active

You can hit two birds with one stone when you sign up for the gym or a sports team. Reach your personal health goals to stay in shape while also building a supportive friend group during aerobics, pickleball, yoga, or any other activities available in a fitness center. It’s also great to socialize and learn helpful tips from the trained staff on hand!

5. Hosting and Attending Events

If you’re an extroverted person who loves to host or an introverted person who needs the space ready to meet people, events are a great way to connect with others without one-on-one pressure. Explore events coming up in your community or neighborhood or join the planning committee. Either way, you’ll get to know so many people and find those you’d love to have a connection with.

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