Downsizing Your Home with the Right Mindset

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Downsizing is the task that delays many families from moving. It’s easy to put it off when we’d rather be enjoying ourselves. But you can enjoy a sense of accomplishment by tackling some of those chores- including downsizing your belongings.

Here are some common objections I hear about the downsizing dilemma, and tips I’ve heard from others who have successfully completed it.

4 Downsizing Objections and Solutions

1. Objection:

Why would it be better to have fewer things in my closets? They are out of sight anyway.


Shift the way you think when it comes to downsizing.

Just because you don’t see all the stuff in your closets doesn’t mean it’s not there. Keep that space available for items you want to use rather than those you just have hidden away.

One day you will have to deal with those full closets and packed garages. Why not start now while you have the time and control over the process?

Starting with areas and items you use least will provide you with a good sense of what you will truly need in the future. If you aren’t using it now, and haven’t in the past 1-3 years, chances are slim that you’ll need to hang on to it for the future.

2. Objection:

I hate to just throw it all away, isn’t that irresponsible?


Gift it to your community.  

You can find joy in gifting things that will be of use to someone else while making more space in your own life for the things you love.

There are donation centers, family members, friends, and garage sales just waiting for what you no longer need. Your old items will bring new value to their new owners.

Investigate which options are most realistic for you and begin boxing up those items little by little. Once you’ve filled a box, get it out of the house and on its way to a new owner.

3. Objection:

What if I get rid of something that I will need later?


Be honest about what you actually need and use.

Start by asking yourself if that item will have a permanent place in your life moving forward. Then wait a week and ask again.

If you can’t picture the necessity of having it forever, move it on. You can always borrow or buy it, then return or donate it when you no longer need it.

4. Objection:

It’s so much work, it will just cause stress! Why bother?


Putting things off will only delay your success.

Getting your home to a state that you can live more comfortably will bring you a feeling of joy.

You don’t have to do it all at once and you certainly don’t have to do it alone. There are downsizing experts and lots of resources to make this journey successful for you!

Still not convinced that you can or even want to tackle a downsizing project? Consider what this could mean for you in the future.

  • The work won’t be less.
  • The stress isn’t more manageable.
  • The process doesn’t get simpler.

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