How To Create a Positive Attitude

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By Jim Mayer, Content Contributor and former Executive Director Twin Lakes Senior Living Community.

Attitude is everything – how many times have you heard that? Having a positive attitude is an important life skill that at any age, can add quality to a person’s life.

A positive attitude begins with being appreciative and having the ability to focus on others instead of oneself. This can be with friends who have been helpful and supportive; an acquaintance who shared ideas and feelings; or family members who support and love you.

Once you begin to appreciate others you will readily see the positive in situations and people.

4 Ways to Gain a Positive Attitude

  1.  Don’t get involved in negative gossip. It is never healthy or productive. Excuse yourself and get away!
  2.  Go out of your way to express gratitude and praise to others.  Appreciation is so helpful to all and you’ll feel positive in return.
  3. Control your response. Don’t get defensive. Think before you speak and appreciate the comment (even if it is negative).
  4.  See the big picture. Some problems that seem really big are actually small problems with big opportunities.

At the end of each day be appreciative of who you met, find the positive in all that took place throughout the day, and be grateful for your well-being. Practice this for a few weeks, and soon it will become part of your daily routine.

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