Staying Social as You Age

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Did you know that staying social as you age is good for you? According to health studies, social interaction is just as important as any other wellness effort.

In addition, these studies revealed that socialization can lead to a longer, happier life with fewer health risks, including mental health.

5 Ways to Stay Social

1. Volunteer

If you’re a long-time volunteer there’s great news. Those who volunteer report reduced stress and resistance to anxiety and depression. So if you haven’t volunteered, it’s never too late to share your time and talents with groups that interest you.

2. Part-Time Work

If you enjoyed working and want to work part-time consider consulting in your field. Or perhaps try doing something different. Either way, if you want to work check out what employment opportunities exist. Don’t be afraid to jump back into the pool.

3. Travel

It doesn’t have to be an extended vacation abroad. An afternoon in the city with friends can be just as satisfying. Consider group travel and leave the driving and planning to someone else. Meanwhile, you can enjoy meeting and sightseeing with your fellow travelers.

4. Education

What class did you always want to take and never got around to? Now is your chance. You can learn something new in addition to meeting new people. You may even find classes specifically designed for older adults, such as those courses offered by the University of Cincinnati OLLI program.

5. Fitness

Join a class at a local fitness center and if you’ve never been a ‘gym’ person, consider a place that is specifically designed for older adults. You’ll find a peer group to socialize with as well as staff trained for your age group. Some senior living community fitness centers you can join without moving in.

Staying social as you age is easier than you think. It’s your time to try new things and meet new people.

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