• Minimalist Gift Giving and How to Keep Things Small After Downsizing

    Minimalist Gift Giving and How to Keep Things Small After Downsizing

Whether the holidays are coming up or you are brainstorming birthday ideas if you’ve just finished downsizing the idea of giving things might not be as appealing as it once was. Fortunately, when it comes to gifts you don’t always need to buy stuff. There are many different ways to approach minimalist gift giving.

Minimalist Gift Giving After Decluttering

When considering alternative present ideas, remember to “GIFT.” 

  • Give Yourself Limits

It’s easy to go overboard when shopping for people we care about, however setting yourself a limit ahead of time will help you stay on task. This is different from a budget since these things might not even cost any money, but rather your time. Be sure not to stretch yourself too thin.

  • Invite Ideas

Don’t bother guessing what people want, just ask them for ideas. This not only takes out the guesswork but also ensures you won’t just be getting them useless stuff.

  • Focus on Experiences

Experiences can be gifts too and recent studies indicate that gen Z and millennials prefer them to getting stuff anyway.

  • Thoughtful Giving

If you are going to give a physical gift, make sure it is a thoughtful one.

Tips to Resist Over-Gifting and to “GIFT” Instead

  • Avoid holiday sales. Black Friday or otherwise, it’s best to avoid the big holiday sales if you want to keep things small. Retailers, advertisers, and manufacturers know too well that these sales are designed to take advantage of your desire to give and know how to make it marketable. Instead, support local businesses.
  • Give your time. The best present is presence. To many, the people we care about mean more than a new pair of shoes or a video game.
  • Gift experiences, not stuff. Experiences build and strengthen the important bonds between you and the people you care about. Studies show that the younger generation has whole-heartedly embraced this mentality.
  • Ask for gift ideas. At a loss? Just ask what people want. This can be hard for seniors as it goes against what you’ve been told a thoughtful gift is, however, the younger generation won’t bat an eye.
  • Have a Soup-Kitchen Christmas. Volunteering is one of the best gifts you can give. Not only can you support a local non-profit, but you can give to a charity, give to your community, and give to individuals.

Gift giving is more than giving big expensive gifts, or at least it can be. Giving your time or an experience can last longer than the latest piece of technology or a new piece of clothing. These gifts are memories, and those can last a lifetime. Looking to declutter and minimize your stuff? Check out our article on Why It’s So Hard to Get Rid of My Stuff.

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