• Options to Keep You Connected Through Technology

    Options to Keep You Connected Through Technology

As we grow older, keeping up with the latest technology can be tedious. That’s why we’ve created a straightforward guide for you to consider your options to stay connected through technology. Whether your family is across the country, you are using your retirement to travel, or you simply don’t get to see each other as often as you would like; these are some easy and useful ways to keep in touch with the people most important to you.

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Quick Glossary of Terms:

  • Keyword: specific words used to categorize your posts.
  • Hashtag: used to “tag” keywords to make posts on particular topics easier to find. Example – #Caterday.
  • Cloud Storage: data storage that can be accessed through a website. Google Drive and Dropbox are popular examples.
  • Stream: Similar to cloud storage, streaming happens when you log in or subscribe to a database (often for video or audio material) and retrieve that data over the shared network in a continuous, uninterrupted “stream.” Netflix and Spotify are popular streaming services.
  • Scrolling: swiping through text or electronic displays, often on phones and tablets, to view various 


One way to stay connected through technology is by email. Email is great for people who love letter writing but want to join the digital era. You can create a free and stay in touch digitally. Most adults under 70 already have one, so we probably don’t need to cover this too thoroughly.

Social Media

According to the numbers, most people under 60 are already familiar with Facebook. However, there are always new platforms popping up. To better choose which one/s might be right for you to stay connected, here are the demographics for users by age. This will help you determine how best to stay in touch with friends, children, and grandchildren.

  • Facebook – sharing photos and comments about daily life. About 84-88% of people between 18-49 use Facebook with 62% of people over 65. It is by far the most popular platform.
  • Instagram – sharing photos with captions and hashtags. This is most popular with younger generations, with 75% of people age 18-24 using the platform and only 8% of people over 65.
  • Twitter – sharing thoughts in text with 180 characters or fewer. This is popular among young professionals looking to create a public image as a thought leader. With 44% of people between 18-24, this platform is less popular due to the niche appeal. Only 7% of people over 65 are on the platform.
  • Pinterest – saving images to boards with a wide range of subjects. This platform has a somewhat even distribution across age groups with an average of 32% across people aged 18-64, with 15% of users over age 65.
  • Snapchat – allows users to share videos and pictures with minimal data usage. This platform trends to the young with 73% of people aged 18-24 and 3% of people over 65.
  • Tiktok – a video sharing platform that allows you to watch videos by simply scrolling and not tapping or clicking. This skews toward the young with 60% of all users between 16-24. If you have grandkids or great-grandkids, this is likely what they enjoy using most.

PhotoShare Friends and Family Smart Frame

PhotoShare Smart Frames are a great way to keep in touch with your friends and family by sharing photos and messages. Similar to an ordinary picture frame, this PhotoShare Frame uses digital images and can be linked to people in your contact list, allowing them to send images to the frame directly. There are three different ways to share (app, email, and Facebook) you can choose how you would like to connect. This way you can still see pictures of your family without having to keep up with social media every day.

Product Features:

  • 1-minute installation
  • Instant sharing and receiving
  • Album and slide show options
  • Free cloud storage
  • Messaging
  • Share with your list of contacts

Echo Show 8

Amazon is one of the leaders in being connected through technology. The newest addition to Amazon’s product line, the Echo Show 8 is similar to the PhotoShare Frame, just with some additional capabilities. You can download apps to stream your favorite entertainment or news channels. It also features video calling capabilities. With these more sophisticated features, there’s a bit of learning curve and more time is needed to get set up.

Product Features

  • Simple set up
  • Hands-free video calls
  • Voice-activated photo albums
  • Stream news and shows
  • Compatible with other Amazon smart devices

Looking for other ways to stay connected through technology with your grandchildren? Here are some technologies you can use to stay in touch with the younger generation.

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