• Redefining Life and the Impact of Technology

    Redefining Life and the Impact of Technology

Through the eyes of the senior generation, it is easy to point out the “evils” of digital technology and the negative impact it is having on future generations. Everywhere the faces of children and young adults are lit up by screens and they seem to be detached from the rest of the world bustling around them. Talk to parents or teachers and they will talk about “distractions,” “sleep-deprivation,” and “gratification addiction.” Doubtless, the discourse around digital technology and the way it is shaping the future may be cause for genuine concern. But stepping back from children and young adults, how is technology changing the way we think of family, and does technology influence how we are able to connect in the new age? It begs the question; What is the impact of technology?

The Positive Impact of Technology 


As afraid as we may be regarding the dangers the digital age poses to the status norm, it’s not as dire as many articles and news segments would have you believe. The digital age doesn’t just include the younger generations anymore. In fact, roughly 85% of seniors have internet access with 67% using it regularly. Senior individuals regularly use technology to communicate with family, learn, play, and entertain themselves just like everyone else.   


As technology continues to evolve, so too do the lives of those who use it. And the senior community is undergoing serious change as Baby Boomers enter the ranks of the retired. In fact, defined by an emphasis on independence, Boomers are causing everyone to rethink how we age. This generation of seniors isn’t afraid of technology as many have been using computers and cellphones throughout their professional careers.


GPS has been a game-changer in people getting around with ease and tracking shipments. So much so, the technology is largely responsible for putting taxis out of business with the advent of rideshare systems, like Uber and Lyft. 


Home security is a booming industry and it is only getting more effective with new developments in technology. For instance, alarms can be set and automated to immediately notify you in the event of a break-in or fire. This ensures greater safety of your personal effects as well as your livelihood.

Despite the negative coverage of new technology is ruining today’s youth, technology has made life easier and safer.

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