• What to Expect Upon Discharge from a Skilled Rehab Stay

    What to Expect Upon Discharge from a Skilled Rehab Stay

After a rehab stay you’re ready to go home, so what’s next? It’s common to want to get back home to do the things you’re used to. But don’t be surprised if you need additional services to help get you back to normal.

What to Expect

During your rehab stay, you’ll work with a clinical team whose job it is to help you heal and recover. They will also help you plan your discharge home.

Post-Stay Appointments

You’ll workwith the facility staff to schedule an appointment with your primary care physician after your discharge.

be reviewed by your physician. This also allows for more informed decisions about your future care.

Post Discharge – Continued Services

n order for you to gain maximum independence upon returning home, continued services may be recommended.


There are several options for where therapy can take place. Outpatient therapy facilities or even in your own home depending on what you need.

These therapy sessions are generally less frequent than those you receive while in a skilled nursing setting. Some facilities offer outpatient therapy options upon discharge, continuing treatment with the professionals you’ve established a relationship with.

Home Health Services

If you need help with activities of daily living, it’s not uncommon to need home health services upon discharge. In order to qualify for home health services through insurance, you must meet the “home-bound” requirement from Medicare.   

Additional Strengthening

After outpatient therapy, consider joining a fitness center. By continuing to strengthen the affected area, you may increase the range of motion and reduce the risk of further injury.

The best way to have a positive outcome from a rehab stay is to follow the recommendations of the professionals.They want what’s best for you, and that’s what you want too!

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