• Why Join a Senior Living Waiting List?

    Why Join a Senior Living Waiting List?

If there’s a specific senior living community that’s part of your retirement plan it’s important to get on their waiting list sooner rather than later. Especially if the community you want is very popular.

When you’re on a waiting list you not only have a plan but are in control of it. Here are the three key reasons people choose to join a waiting list.

3 Reasons to Join a Senior Living Waiting List

1. Waiting Lists Give You More Options

Most retirees want more options, not fewer. Joining a waiting list once you’ve decided on your future community makes that possible.

When you join a waiting list you’re able to identify specific accommodations that appeal to you. That means you’ll be notified once they become available. Without having your preferences identified and your name on a list, you may not have the luxury of choice.

Those who wait to decide on a community are often surprised to learn that their ideal accommodation is not available when they’re ready to move. They may have to settle for something outside of their preferences to be able to establish residency.

2. Less Stress When You’re on a Waiting List

One of the most stressful moments for a retiree is when life’s circumstances change unexpectedly. In these situations, being established on a waiting list can lessen the stress that comes with decision making.

If your time frame or needs change, they can adjust your preferences. You’ll likely have priority over those not currently on the waiting list.

If a move becomes immediate, you already have a relationship with your future community and can more quickly navigate the move process. You’ll have a representative at the community who can assist you.

3. Downsize on Your Own Time

Downsizing is a major part of the process when moving to a community. When you’re on a waiting list, you can tackle the task at your own pace.

If you don’t know where you’ll be living, it’s difficult to decide what you can purge. Those on a waiting list can plan their downsizing project around the floor plan they’ve picked.

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