Every dollar matters! 

Through generous gifts, our donors have made a powerful statement and impacted hundreds of local lives. Investments enable Life Enriching Communities to thrive as a leader in continuing care. Through generous support, residents can remain in their homes, receive quality care and enjoy an environment that provides daily spiritual, physical, emotional and mental support in a caring way.


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Forever Home

67 residents had the ability to stay in the homes they love within our communities despite a lack of financial resources. That’s 1 in 12 residents who have benefited from the Benevolent Care Fund.

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Quality Care

61 Twin Towers and Twin Lakes Assisted Living residents on Medicaid received the highest quality nursing care in a caring environment.

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Support & Service

Five chaplains served residents, resident family members, and associates of Twin Towers and Twin Lakes by providing daily services, funeral services, pastoral counseling for residents, family members, and associates, Bible studies, and hospital visits.


Improving Outcomes

The Merlin Elite Pro, a 24-inch low vision reading machine with a high-definition image was purchased through a grant from the General Electric Foundation. This model allows individuals to read, despite any eye condition. Thank you to the General Electric Program for providing this grant, enabling the equipment purchase.

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Staying Connected

Funding from the Ohio Department of Medicaid provided a total of 8 iPads for each campus, helping our residents stay connected to loved ones during the pandemic. Through the use of these iPads, our residents have had the opportunity to learn new skills, remain up-to-date and connect with family and friends beyond our campus. This has truly helped open our residents to a whole new world and provides them with much joy.

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Resident Enrichment

With help from the Cambridge Charitable Foundation, 8 Accushield Kiosks were purchased in total, four on each campus. These units ensure quick and accurate check-in procedures to keep our communities safe and healthy while following Covid guidelines.

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LEC Foundation
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