• 3 Benefits of Attending a Senior Living Zoom Webinar

    3 Benefits of Attending a Senior Living Zoom Webinar

Due to the pandemic of 2020, there have been many changes people have had to adapt to. Though one change that may be staying around for a while is the use of virtual experiences in place of in-person ones. The advancement of technology has improved the amount of information people can access virtually. Not least of all is the ability to attend a senior living zoom webinar.

What is a Webinar

No different than a convention or seminar, webinars help bring people together, albeit through technological means. To host a webinar, one must find a webinar platform (like Zoom) to help connect people and share information. These platforms let you create and host virtual meetings from the comfort of offices and homes. These meetings take place in online rooms (like chat rooms, only for video) where all attendees can see and follow the presentation. Presenters, on the other hand, can share their screens, files, and open applications on their computer while presenting to the group.

Participants can type questions and comments in the chat box for presenters to address.

How to Attend a Zoom Webinar

It couldn’t be easier to attend a Zoom webinar. 

  • Simply click the link the host provided to you and it will take you to the room the meeting is occurring in. 
  • Then, simply join the room. You will be prompted to determine if you want to use your camera or not and you can make that decision before entering the room. 
  • Once in the room, you will be prompted to use your audio. Click “yes” but be sure to mute your own microphone to avoid any unwanted noise in the room.

Benefits of a Senior Living Zoom Webinar

They Are Safe

It would be an oversight not to bring up the benefits to seniors when it comes to learning from your own home. But you no longer have to travel to a senior living community to tour one. Now, you can tour from the safety of your own home.


Another major benefit of attending a zoom webinar is convenience. Since webinars take place from the comfort of your own home, there is no need to factor in travel time or even leave the house. Due to this feature, many businesses and organizations are using this technology as a more efficient way of delivering knowledge to a bigger audience.

Another added convenience of webinars is the ability to watch them at any time that suits you. Many webinars are offered on-demand which allows you to view at your own convenience. 

Effective Learning Experience

Some research suggests that online learning may actually be more effective than in-person/classroom learning. Some studies suggest that webinars may be more effective and registrants who attend such events had greater engagement and better performance. 

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