• 5 Tips on How to Better Connect with Your Grandkids

    5 Tips on How to Better Connect with Your Grandkids

Connecting with your grandkids can be tough. Whether they are always on their phones or you don’t get much time with them, sometimes it can seem near impossible to connect with grandkids. However, here are a few easy ways to try to bridge the generation gap.

Tips to Connect with Your Grandkids

Take the Time

Oftentimes, grandparents and grandchildren get into a routine of seeing each other only on holidays and birthdays. This reduces the interaction to big family gatherings which can make one-on-one time tough. So break the cycle and make time to spend with your grandkids specifically. Perhaps, take them out to lunch every month or have a sleepover. This will give you ample time with your grandkids to develop a close relationship.

Share Their Interests

Do your grandkids like Pokemon? Perhaps you can take them to Pokestops in your neighborhood while you hangout. Seek to understand their interests and find activities that involve their favorite things. In time, you might start to share those interests but either way, your grandkids will love it.

Help Them Get Involved in Your Interests

Sharing interests is a two-way street. If you are going to take the time to get involved in their interests, they can get involved in yours. Love classic literature? Buy them books. Can’t get enough of the theatre, take them with you to a play.

Be Yourself

Many people believe their grandchildren will only have fun if you are hip to the latest lingo or TikTok trends. But it’s much more important to be yourself. After all, how are they ever going to get to know you if you are pretending to be someone else?

Skillfully Navigate Complicated Family Dynamics

Not all families are ideals from the 1940s. In fact, many families feature complicated dynamics, especially between parents and children. That is why it is so important for you to respect your children in front of your grandchildren. Just because you don’t like your daughter-in-law, you don’t have the right to talk poorly about her in front of her children. Focus on learning to tolerate those difficult members of the family in order to have better family relations.

Be an Easy Person to Visit

It’s easy to want to stick to your regular routine or run errands when the grandkids visit. However, this can make visiting you boring or even a chore. As much as possible, try to think of fun things to do while your grandchildren visit so they enjoy their time with you. Read this article for tips on connecting across the generation gap.

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