• Optimism and Aging

    Optimism and Aging

By Jim Mayer, Content Contributor and former Executive Director Twin Lakes Senior Living Community.

I recently read a quote, “keeping a hopeful attitude is key to living a fulfilled life with direction and actually thriving instead of just floating along in life.” This really stuck with me because I see this in action every day at Twin Lakes. 

Positive aging comes with the attitude of the cup being half full rather than half empty. Having something to look forward keeps us optimistic and helps us rise above life’s problems. Whether you’re excited about an upcoming day trip, theatrical presentation, a new class or family gathering, being hopeful and optimistic brings happiness.

Embracing Optimism

A positive mindset or optimistic attitude is made up of a collection of elements:

  1. Believe in the expectation of a positive outcome even if a negative experience has happened previously in a similar situation.
  2. Visualize the desired outcome very vividly and realistically.
  3. Motivate yourself to do everything possible to achieve the desired outcome instead of just waiting for something positive to happen.
  4. Plan and be prepared for opportunities to do whatever is necessary to achieve positive action.
  5. Take Action to make what you want happen. People who have continued success are very active in their hopefulness. 

We know realistically that there are times when life’s challenges will get you down but keep smiling. If we meet each day with optimism we are able to believe that good things will happen. 

So please find optimism and hope in all situations of life and help others do the same. 

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