• Senior Patio Homes

    Senior Patio Homes

Senior patio homes are low-maintenance accommodations similar to townhouses and condominiums. They are ideal for downsizing and those looking for freedom from everyday chores while maintaining their independence.

And patio homes located within a continuing care retirement community (CCRC), have the added benefit of a continuum of services and care available should you need it. So if you have upcoming surgery requiring therapy or your health changes and you need additional care, it’s there for you.

3 Reasons to Move to a Patio Home in a Senior Living Neighborhood

Here are three reasons most people move to senior patio homes in a community:

1. Maintenance-Free Living

Maintenance-free living means freedom from home upkeep, fewer household chores and less worry about monthly bills. No more cleaning gutters, shoveling snow or mowing the lawn. Without those chores, you can focus on doing what it is you want to do.

An added bonus in a senior living community is your appliances will be replaced at no cost to you. So not only do you remove yourself from household chores, someone else puts in that new stove you need.

2. Neighborhood of Friends

There’s something to be said about living around a cohort of people born in the same date range. You’ve shared similar cultural experiences and been through the same world events. Instantly you have things in common.

Yet in a senior living community, you also interact with multiple generations when you take into account the staff. Suddenly you’ve expanded your circle with people of multiple ages. You build friendships, know the staff by name and feel at home.

3. The Future is Secure

Many people move into an independent living patio home within a CCRC in their 60s and 70s. They want to be there while they are healthy, active and can fully enjoy all the community services and amenities.

But, if or when assistance or care is needed, they don’t have to move again. Instead, they can increase services right where they are. Or choose to move to an area on campus with increased services.

Is Patio Home Living Right For Me?

If the following statements sound like you, an independent living patio home may be the right choice:

  • In relatively good health
  • Prefer having your own living space
  • Are very independent
  • Willing to move to a smaller home or am unable to stay in your current home
  • Want to live on your own vs. living with a relative or friend
  • Very active but want a home that’s easy to maintain
  • Want to live in a community with people my own age

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