• Words of Wisdom to Live By

    Words of Wisdom to Live By

Jim Mayer, Content Contributor and former Executive Director Twin Lakes Senior Living Community

One of the most rewarding parts of my job is connecting with so many wonderful people, especially when they are willing to share their words of wisdom. Their common thread is that they all live their lives with a strong conviction of sincerity in their relationships. They are humble and live life with action rather than intention.

These relationships are deep and everlasting even after someone has left this earthly world. I think about how their friendship, wisdom, and philosophy has affected my life and my values.

11 Words of Wisdom

Here are some of the best words of wisdom passed to me:

  1.  It is more HOW you say something than WHAT you say.
  2.  Always listen to your heart before making a tough decision.
  3.  Every day has a purpose.
  4.  Don’t expect someone to do something that you would not do yourself.
  5.  Don’t be first, look and observe, and then go.
  6.  Think about it overnight.
  7.  Never look back.
  8.  You can live a long time if you don’t fall. (My favorite!) 
  9.  Try to break an idea down to its simplest form.
  10.  Pray for the process and not the outcome.
  11.  Help others reach their goals first.

When I think of these lessons I remember the individual who taught it to me. The value is so vivid and real that it’s etched in my mind and my heart. Remembering someone is the highest form of honoring them. Their words of wisdom live on.

The frequency you think about that positive memory, the higher you honor that person. So a well-lived life to me is directly proportional to the memories that you have about people and what they have given to you and others.

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